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Full text of "Letter from Clark L. Pierce to Pres. Ezra Brainerd"

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Rutland Railroad Company. 



Gen’l Superintendent. 

Rutland, Vt-Nov . 23, 1698. 

Hon. Ezra Brainard, 

Pres. Middlebury College, 

Middlebury, Vermont. 

Dear Sir:- 

On the morning of the 4th. inst. a number of students 
from your college, I understand the freshman class, returned from 
Brandon to Middlebury on our sleeper train. They did considerable 
damage to furniture of the station, taking away a number of 
electric lamps, one or two brooms and other small articles and 
ruining our station clock. It is estimated thay we were done 
a damage of at least $10 and I would respectfully request that 
you take the matter up with the class in question and see that a 
check is sent for the amount named at an early date, which will 
settle the matter satisfactory to this Company. 

Yours truly